Ed and Reem join the HFF Lebanon team

The HFF Lebanon team, led by maritime archaeologist Dr Lucy Semaan, was established in 2019. The main objective of the team is to efficiently respond to the needs in case of rescue archaeology sites. While combining both terrestrial and underwater archaeological interventions, the team adopts a seamless approach between land and sea to the study of the maritime environment and its material and immaterial culture.

Reem Nader is HFF Lebanon’s assistant maritime archaeologist. She completed a degree in arts and archaeology at the Lebanese University, and a minor in Marine science and Culture at the American University of Beirut. Additionally, she is focusing her studies on chemistry for archaeological conservation with the South African Institute for Heritage Science and Conservation. Her research is centered around first aid for waterlogged material with interest in medieval archaeology.

Edmond Tannous is the newest addition to the HFF Lebanon team. He holds a BA in both Graphic Design and Audio visual studies and is a professional underwater photographer. He is also a dive master, and currently undertaking his diving instructorship program. Edmond has been working on the HFF-Lebanon’s Modern Shipwreck Project since 2020 as a photographer and photogrammetry expert, and more recently as an ROV pilot and technician during underwater survey projects.

Find out more about the HFF Lebanon team here


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