HFF Publications update

Miranda Richardson and Lucy Blue

It is with much regret that we announce the departure of our long standing Editor of the HFF Publications Series, Miranda Richardson.

The HFF Publications series began in 2018 and over the last four years it has been expertly managed by Publications Editor, Miranda Richardson. Miranda helped in the publication of numerous volumes through both our Research Series and General Series published by Sidestone Press, as well as supporting Short Reports that are published on the HFF website. 

A core objective of the Foundation is to publish and disseminate research in the region, in particular that resulting from HFF grants. Miranda contributed greatly to achieving these aims, as well as overseeing grants for authors to publish their work as open access articles through the Open Access Award.

Dr. Sara Rich

Miranda is now moving on and handing the baton to Dr Sara Rich. Sara is a maritime archaeologist and art historian whose research interests include wood science, sci-art, and speculative fiction. Sara has worked on shipwrecks and submerged prehistoric landscapes in the Mediterranean, English Channel, North Sea, and both sides of the North Atlantic. She is Assistant Professor of Honors at Coastal Carolina University and is currently examining the causal relationships between shipbuilding and deforestation of longleaf pines in the South Carolina Low Country.

The Foundation is so thankful for the contributions of Miranda, and we wish her all the best in her new role. We also warmly welcome Sara to the team and look forward to continuing the publication of research in maritime archaeology in the region.

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