Excavations in the Kition-Bamboula harbor (Cyprus) - 2021

Dr Sabine Fourrier

The Bamboula site is located in modern Larnaka, Cyprus, immediately to the North of the Larnaka Archaeological District Museum (fig.1).
The French archaeological mission led extensive excavations on the site (under the supervision of Dr. M. Yon), which led to the discovery of a remarkably well-preserved building of the 4th and early 3rd century BC used to store warships (shipsheds = neosoikoi in Greek, fig.3). The building was built on the Southern shore of a closed harbor basin (fig.2). An integrated paleoenvironmental study helped reconstructing the history of the basin (until its final silting up) and gave information about its approximative shape.
Completion of the excavations has been hindered for the past 30 years by the presence of tennis courts, which cover part of the site. Thanks to the efforts of the Department of Antiquities of Cyprus, the relocation of the tennis courts is now effective. An excavation campaign is planned to take place next October to give answers to two pending questions (1) the complete plan of the building, whose Eastern extension could not be excavated; 2) the limits of the harbor basin towards the North). Excavations are a prerequisite for the implementation of the site masterplan and the opening of the site to the public.

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