Contemporary Philosophy for Maritime Archaeology - 2021

Dr Sara Rich and Dr Peter Campbell

Contemporary philosophy is making significant impacts on archaeological research, especially through prominent philosophers Graham Harman and Levi Bryant engaging directly with archaeologists. The aim of this application is to publish an edited volume that makes contemporary philosophy relevant to maritime archaeology for use by students and faculty. Contemporary philosophy developed in response to contemporary socio-ecological concerns, such as climate change, and these issues have direct bearing on underwater cultural heritage, as the UN Ocean Decade Heritage Network is demonstrating. A book that makes terms such as Anthropocene, Blue Humanities, and flat ontology understood to the broader discipline would enable maritime archaeology to develop effective strategies for addressing contemporary concerns, apply for Global Challenges funding, and gain new perspectives on the material culture record.

The Foundation will provide funding for the publications costs for an edited volume titled Contemporary Philosophy for Maritime Archaeology: Flat Ontologies, Oceanic Thought, and the Anthropocene. The book proposal was accepted by Sidestone Press earlier this year. This grant will enable the publication to be Open Access, allowing university students free use for their courses. The volume aims to provide a theory text for maritime programs around the world, which will be fundamental for further developing maritime theory in the manner of the 1983 edited volume Shipwreck Anthropology. It is highly anticipated for theory courses at Texas A&M University and East Carolina University, as our referees state, as well as courses in development at Coastal Carolina University. We anticipate that it will be utilized in other maritime programs as well.

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