HFF Scholar Omaima Eldeeb successfully completed her PhD at Flinders University! ​

Analysing one of the Zambratija seabed cores at the Croatian Geological Survey laboratories in Zagreb

‘I have finished my PhD at the Maritime Archaeology Program at Flinders University, with a thesis title “Zambratija: A 6000-year-old pile-dwelling submerged under the Adriatic Sea”. The thesis was examined with minor corrections, and the final and accepted revision was submitted to Flinders University in March 2020.

The thesis tackled questions of human adaptations and interactions with changing climate events in the past, by using archaeological and environmental evidence from the submerged pile-dwelling in Zambratija Bay, Croatia. The results were based on a fieldwork research in May 2017, where I organised and performed seabed coring and diver-based data collection on site. The fieldwork and later laboratory work was organised in collaboration with the Arhaeological Museum of Istria in Pula (Croatia), Croatian Geological Survey, Aix-Marseille University (France) and the University of York (UK).The original results derived from 3 seabed sediment cores and 11 wooden pile samples. These results, presented in the form of radiocarbon dates, a paleoenvironmental reconstruction with regards to sea-level change and a 62-year-old dendrochronological sequence, answered relevant questions with not only local, but also broader implications regarding submerged archaeological research, European and World prehistory and modern-day climate change issues. Additionally, the thesis also suggests a methodological concept provisionally called Archaeology of the Core, which is based on applying basic archaeological excavation and post-excavation methods to seabed core samples.’

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