Aya Omar Esmail - 2019 - CMAUCH Scholar.

During my undergraduate studies at the Department of Greek and Roman Archaeology, Cairo University, it was the first time I heard about maritime archaeology. Since then, my passion for maritime archaeology has been growing.

Moreover, I was involved in a number of workshops and training courses in several institutions such as the Alexandria Library and the Egyptian Museum, where I have learned more about Underwater Cultural Heritage.

Therefore, after I obtained my BA (Hons) in Archaeology I pursued my passion. In 2019 I was honoured to be awarded the HFF Scholarship to study for my MA in Maritime Archaeology at the Alexandria University Centre for Maritime Archaeology & Underwater Cultural Heritage.

During the first two semesters of the MA, I gained more knowledge and experience in many aspects of the marine environment and its relationship to maritime archaeology. I also gained experience in research skills, ancient seafaring, shipwrecks in deep water and how to plan conservation for them. We also looked at the background and how to differentiate between several terms related to maritime archaeology (archaeology underwater, nautical archaeology, marine archaeology etc.)

During the academic year and despite Corona virus, I could attend many courses and workshops. It was a great and fruitful opportunity to attend a workshop as part of TradEGY, an HFF funded project, in February. It provided an essential grounding in the history of maritime ethnography and principals of boatbuilding and ancient seafaring. I also received a bursary from the HFF to attend the online Anchor recording course using the Big Anchor Project online database with the NAS. 

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