Update from the Maritime Archaeology Outreach Project (MAOP)

Earlier this year the Foundation funded the Maritime Archaeology Outreach Project in Egypt. The project’s main aim is to educate children about maritime archaeology, which will have direct influence on the way they think about the material past, its discovery, significance, value and protection.

So far the project team have covered three schools, around 450 students aged 7 to 15. MAOP was mentioned in the national newspaper after they attended the first school  .

MAOP’s events aredivided into 5 stations;

  • An English Animation movie about the protection of underwater archaeology (it’s called Dive Olly Dive)
  • Diving kits
  • Simulation seabed box 
  • Documentation box
  • VR goggles

Now the team are working on developing the stations , the Arabic story and an Arabic animation movie. They will also create a Facebook page within a few weeks to increase public engagement. 

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