Underwater 3D Recording and Modelling Conference

The Foundation awarded two bursaries for students from Egypt and Cyprus to attend the 2nd International conference ‘Underwater 3D Recording and Modelling: A tool for modern applications and CH recording’ in May 2019. The event took place at the Cyprus University of Technology and was a collaboration between the university the ISPRS, CIPA and 3DOM.

The use of 3D recording in the field of underwater archaeology has been rapidly increasing over the last few years, these techniques have been used to survey underwater cultural heritage as well as to model sites and features and to present the results to a wide audience through the use of virtual (VR) and augmented (AR) reality.

Both bursary recipients have been using 3D techniques in their own research and attended the conference to share this knowledge, to find out about the latest techniques and to develop their own technical skills to further develop their work. Find out more about the event here

‘My attendance has not only contributed to further developing my thesis project but also to further developing my technical background and skills in recording and documentation in the maritime field of study and research’ (A. Evripidou).

‘I have learned the latest engineering and archaeological techniques in photogrammetry. This is very beneficial as the research in this field advanced rapidly and attending this event helped me to keep up to date with the latest technologies’ (M. Ghanem).

Bursary Recipients:

Mai Ghanem, MA researcher at the Alexandria Centre for Maritime Archaeology and Underwater Culture Heritage, Alexandria University.

Andri Evripidou, MA candidate ‘Field Archaeology on Land and Under the Sea’, at the
Department of History and Archaeology, University of Cyprus.

Mai Ghanem, exploring the Virtual Reality displays at the event.

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