Omaima Eldeeb - 2016 - Flinders University PhD Scholar

Omaima Eldeeb is a graduate of Alexandria University’s, Faculty of Arts (2008), where she studied Greco-Roman Archaeology. She has worked as an underwater archaeological inspector in the Central Department of Underwater Antiquities in Egyptian Ministry of Archaeology from 2012 until 2016. She earned her MA (2014) at the Alexandria Centre for Maritime Archaeology & Underwater Cultural Heritage, where her thesis focused on how to apply in-situ preservation methods to underwater cultural heritage and at the same time provide public access to UCH.

Omaima participated in a number of terrestrial and underwater surveys and excavations in Egypt, such as the Mareotis excavation (2008), working alongside a team from Southampton University (UK) and in collaboration with Egypt’s Ministry of Archaeology. She participated in the Bagoush underwater archaeological survey (2011) with the Alexandria Centre for Maritime Archaeology and the Quitbay fort underwater excavation with the French Centre for Alexandrian Studies in Alexandria (2015).

Omaima is delighted to be living out her dream, studying maritime archaeology in Adelaide as a PhD Candidate at Flinders University. The HFFDR Scholarship was a major accomplishment, and one of which Omaima is incredibly proud; this opportunity means a lot to her personally and professionally.

Omaima’s PhD project, is about shipwrecks and amphorae sites along the Alexandrian coastline, focussing on network analyses, comparative study and typological chronological sequence. She plans to undertake an excavation at one of the more interesting archaeological sites in Alexandria-Egypt, the Mammora site east of Alexandria Eastern Harbour. This site contains an ancient shipwreck and a field of amphorae and anchors. She will undertake surveying, drawing and GIS mapping then excavating, dendrochronology, radiocarbon dates and 3D modelling. Additionally, she will propose a model for the protection and public access to the underwater site.

To date Omaima has completed data collection in Alexandria, Egypt on the amphorae collections she was granted access to. Archaeological photography, illustrations and dimensions have been undertaken to these collections. Data analyses and network analyses have been undertaken and still in progress. In the same time, some difficulties have been experienced in getting access to a number of the amphorae collections selected for study and, especially, in getting permits to undertake fabric analyses.

Her research was also presented at Under the Mediterranean – Honor Frost Foundation Conference 20-23 October 2017, Nicosia, Cyprus and at the Annual Conference of the Australian Institute of Maritime Archaeology (AIMA) 2018 Clearing House, 26 – 29 September 2018, Parramatta, NSW, along with (CHASS) Higher Degree Research Spring Conference, 8 November 2018 at Flinders University.

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