This page contains information about current and recently completed projects in Sicily supported by the Foundation, these can also be viewed on the Interactive Map

Current and Recent Projects undertaken in Sicily:

Documenting Marzamemi’s Mattanza Heritage – 2019

Documenting Marzamemi’s Mattanza Heritage – 2019 Dr Justin Leidwanger Summary Our project initiated documentation and valorization of the material and oral historical records of the most important traditional fishing practice of southeast Sicily, the mattanza. This communal tuna harvest has been a key feature of local culture, with roots tracing back centuries if not millennia.

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The Construction and Preservation of the Egadi Island Warships – ongoing

The Construction and Preservation of the Egadi Island Warships – ongoing Dr Peter Campbell From 2005-2018, the Egadi Islands Survey Project has mapped the only ancient naval battle that has been discovered. Over the past 13 years, 19 warship rams have been discovered and 11 have been raised. The seafloor of western Sicily is not conducive

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Previous Projects undertaken in Sicily:

Trinacria Soundings Project – Dr Elena Flavia Castagnino Berlinghieri and Dr Claire Calcagno – 2013

Archaeological Excavation of the so-called “Kothon” at Motya – Prof. Lorenzo Nigro – 2013

Archaeological Survey of the Seabed around a Punic Island – Dr Stefano Zangara – 2013

Digitally Recording a Submerged Naval Battlefield from First Punic War – Dr Jon Henderson – 2013

The marble routes: Isola delle Correnti Roman shipwreck Project – Dr Carlo Beltrame – 2015

Marzamemi Maritime Heritage Project Maritime Archaeology – Dr Justin Leidwanger – 2015

The marble routes: Capo Taormina shipwreck project – Dr Carlo Beltrame – 2017 –

Marsala’s Shipwrecks Project – Prof. Fabiola Ardizzone – Report – 2017

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