NAS Online Course - Promoting Maritime Heritage Through Social Media

On the 5th December 2020 the Foundation funded 12 students and researchers from the HFF region to attend the NAS Online Course – Promoting Maritime Heritage Through Social Media. The course was one of several NAS online courses held in 2020, as many face to face workshops and training events have been postponed due to covid-19, these events help students and researchers to continue training in the field. 

The course was organised by the Nautical Archaeology Society and led by Charlotte Crumpler, the NAS Public Engagement Officer. Participants gained practical experience of using popular social media platforms to promote their maritime heritage activities and projects. They received tips on content creation, methods of promotion and evaluation of social media effectiveness.

This course aimed to give lay people an introduction to the world of effective content creation, and equip them with hints and tips to make and post professional looking content for social media; including image creation, video production and copywriting.

Below is a list of the students supported by the Foundation to attend the course;

  • Sergio el Kesrouwani
  • Georgia-Dimitra Kyriakou
  • Reem Nader
  • Maria Michael
  • Mirette Abdelnour
  • Aya Omar Esmail
  • Asmaa Elsayed Kamel
  • Maria Ktori
  • Rana Tanissa
  • Sirine Saad ElDine Ghiye
  • Vanessa Ayoub
  • Graziella Nakad
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