Selim Chehwane - 2020 - AUB Scholar

My academic background is an ongoing BA in Art and Archaeology at the Lebanese University. I chose to undertake this Minor as an opportunity to widen my skillset as underwater excavation has always been fascinating to me. 

My research interest is towards excavations, lab work and archaeometry. My main goal in my career is to be able to use the skills and knowledge I acquire to work locally in Lebanon as I believe the wealth of information yet to be discovered is an important piece of the world’s heritage.

This year, through the scholarship, I have learned so many useful skills and earned my open water diving certificate. Due to the pandemic all events, workshops and conferences were done virtually and fieldworks were not executed and coupled with electricity cuts I wasn’t able to attend many of them. My scholarship and the open water certification fall under the capacity building the HFF has as an objective.

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