Tabarja - HFF Lebanon 2019

From 25 to 27 July 2019 MSDS Marine undertook a marine remote-sensing survey at the site of Tabarja Mount Lebanon, (in coordination with the Directorate Generale of Antiquies), with a sidescan sonar, a parametric sub-bottom profiler, a single beam echo sounder, and a magnetometer. The marine survey area is adjacent to the terrestrial archaeological multi-period site which has been excavated under the scientific direction of Pr. Corine Yazbeck (Tabarja Wata Slam 100 -TWS100, this project is also supported by the Foundation, more details can be found here). This precedes the development of a beach resort that is planning to have a 500 metres boardwalk by the sea and a marina that seems to extend offshore over an area estimated at 247 metres (N-NE/S-SW) by 200 meters (E/W). report and data processing by MSDS Marine, the HFF-Lebanon team will set a strategy for a future ground-truthing phase through diver deployment.

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