Byblos & the Sea, Lebanon - ongoing

Martine Francis and Nicola Grimal

Temple of Obelisks, Byblos, photo from the HF archive

Byblos & the Sea is a multidisciplinary research project on the coastal and maritime area of Byblos co-directed by Martine Francis (affiliated researcher at the Collège de France) and Nicolas Grimal (Prof. at the Collège de France), in collaboration with the Directorate General of Antiquities of Lebanon. It is a continuation of a long term research program on coastal and maritime Byblos, started by Honor Frost in the 1960s and resumed after the Lebanese civil war, since 1998.

Since 2011, the research program Byblos & the Sea has conducted a series of multi-disciplinary field investigations in collaboration with local and foreign specialists. The main objectives of this research program were to understand the maritime approaches to Byblos and locate eventually the much attested Bronze Age harbor of the city which was responsible for its economic growth during Antiquity.

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